30 Year Timeline

When we started MLF 30 years ago, our intent was to create an “umbrella” from under which urban ministries, urban leaders and area churches could create, grow and sustain holistic, Christ centered ministry in Memphis’ most under resourced communities in order to impact the shalom or well being of the whole city. Originally, this was a difficult concept to grasp.  Folks were used to someone starting a nonprofit that focused, for example, on urban youth evangelism or providing housing for the homeless.  But the creation of an umbrella and leadership organization that could ‘facilitate’ the growth of urban ministry and the development of urban leaders had never been done.
Well… it has worked and continues to leverage huge ministry in our city. Currently, MLF not only continues to incubate and train urban leaders, creating solid platforms for urban ministry but also provides the administrative ‘back office’ support for a number of great ministries in our city, thus reducing duplication of services and associated costs.
Looking back, the idea not only worked but has leveraged huge impact in our city that possibly would never have happened without the leadership, administrative support, financial assistance, training and encouragement provided by MLF over these past 30 years.